Dear Players and Parents,

Following the AGM we are making a few changes to ensure the club remains viable.  We are moving to a later and shorter session time 6:30-8.  Sessions will remain £5 so we can cover court and shuttle costs. Matches will be £5 at home, free away.  We are shortening the summer term and will stop at the half term (attendance is traditionally very low during exams).  To reassure you Richard and I run the sessions as volunteers and all the subs go towards essential running costs.

We also agreed at the AGM to move to a block payment method.  We will retain the first session being free and the next two being pay as you play we will then expect players to make a firmer commitment. I am also hoping this will make numbers steadier and therefore also make the planning of each session easier.

To encourage club identity it would be good if players attended in their club shirts. Shirts are available,  cost £10.   


Autumn term  14 Weeks: £70 (£5 per session)  

5th Sept –  12th December ( Christmas Session :  bring family, friends and snacks)  Half term: 24th October



Spring term:  11 Weeks: £55  

9th January – 27th March    Half term: 13th February  


Summer term:  4 weeks: £20 

 24th April – 22nd May ( End of year Session :  bring family, friends and snacks)    ( please note, no session on  1st May – Bank Holiday)


AGM 15th May 2017


Match dates will follow soon.



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